Creative content

Great Things helps brands communicate with audiovisual stories.

We know the power of moving images and sound and understand what our customers want to convey. By combining this with high production values, content is created with the greatest possible impact and reach. Whether this is offline on a 34-metre screen or online with e-learnings and interactive liveshows.

We work for brands and people we believe in. With whom we share the same vision, for instance about design, quality and sustainability. And who think in a similar way about how you interact with each other. This is important, because that makes working a pleasure and gives good results. We know our customers through and through, are involved in the process at an early stage. We therefore know who the people are in our network who are the best match for the customer.

We regularly hear that we are seen as an extension to departments. From the brands for which we make monthly internal communication films, but also from those for whom we make series of commercials, brand films or product films. It is a sign for us that we are doing things right, because we believe that we will only achieve the greatest conceivable effect if we combine our forces.

We know how to touch people with our audiovisual content. Focused, with impact and consistent, during all possible contact moments.


Strategy, concept, design, story/script, creation and production of film, online events, animation, music and sound, design of e-learnings and interactive liveshows