Joep Grootings

Joep wants to create productions that touch the right chord. With a well-thought-through concept and attention to detail. Ensuring that all separate elements of a production combine to create a unique whole.

In his early career in the hospitality sector and as a DJ, Joep developed a feeling for what is good. He exchanged those careers for one in creation & production, but he retained his emotional antenna, as he retained his love of music.

As the former owner of B-wave, he had already worked with large international brands. Customers ask Joep to act as a strategic sparring partner. He takes a fresh new view and asks the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. Joep feels part of the brand, so concepts align seamlessly with the brand identity.

He creates beautiful things together with others. With clients, and with the best people in the profession. They inspire him. Incidentally, so does the night when he dreams up his best ideas.

Eva Loeffen

Creating something from nothing, Eva’s good at doing that. Give her an empty fridge and she will prepare a six-course dinner (while listening to heavy metal, her favourite music). She literally did this after graduating in food design, when she helped to establish a creative restaurant. Always looking for ‘another approach’, the switch to film was easy to make.

Eva is immune to stress and finds solutions that are invisible to others. She thinks out of the box, is imaginative, but can switch effortlessly into business mode. She keeps the momentum going, is down to earth and to the point.

Pleasant about Eva: she is sensitive to the atmosphere and reads between the lines. It allows her to easily engage with people and ensure smooth teamwork. She is happy when the customer is happy, proud when she can watch a production over and over again.