Delta Lloyd Foundation’s BASTA!


Client: Delta Lloyd Foundation
Partner: B-wave
Work: Concept, Script, Line drawing animation, Motion graphics, Voice over

You probably would not expect it in a wealthy country like the Netherlands but poverty is a very topical and serious problem. The number of Dutchmen who live in poverty is constantly rising and as many as 16% of Amsterdam residents live in poverty! Time to do something about this.

Delta Lloyd Foundation is committed to strengthening the self-reliance of vulnerable groups in society, to improve knowledge levels and increase their chances. From this foundation the BASTA platform has been established. BASTA stands for Bedrijven in Amsterdam Samen Tegen Armoede (Businesses in Amsterdam Fight Poverty Together). By establishing this platform the foundation hopes to motivate other large Amsterdam businesses to join the project.

Call for action
Our aim was to demonstrate the need and urgency regarding poverty, through film – persuading other large Amsterdam businesses to join BASTA. We came up with a story line in which harrowing, day to day situations experienced by someone in poverty are presented.
By visualizing the story in a very personal, intimate and almost childish way the emotion hits home even more. The film evokes the feeling that something must be done NOW, as well as showing that taking action doesn’t have to cost much effort.