VW Das Auto Show Malaysia

Carshow & Pressconference

Client: DVP Asia Eventmarketing
Work: Video & motion graphics, songwriting, music production & sound design, on site production.

For many decades the Volkswagen Beetle has been an icon in Malaysia. Therefore Volkswagen couldn’t let the launch of the new Volkswagen Beetle go by unnoticed. They chose ‘The Icon is Black’ – how fitting – as a theme for this public event in Kuala Lumpur.

The event took place on one of the most representative locations in Malaysia: The venue under the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Iconic right?! In order to build up suspense for the launch, visitors were shown a number of brand films to start with. They were told emotional stories about the brands and were spoken to by Malaysian icons who told them about the Beetle’s important history.

We created all storytelling video’s and motion graphics. We also produced all music and wrote songs that were used during the show. Vocals were recorded in a last-minute improvised studio… our hotel room. Our Chinese voice-over was also recorded in this way.

We weren’t the only ones improvising last-minute. Our Australian vocalist’s dress tore when she stepped out of the car at the premier but she was living proof The Show Must Go On and she finished the show perfectly.

The event was rewarded generously with prizes as it won triple gold at the Asian Marketing Event Awards in the following categories:
Best B2B Event
Best event for press / media
Best event Ambiance

Addikt – Stage design & LED animation
Frieder Weiss – Motion captures
Jaap Bosman – Documentation