IKEA Catalogue 2014

Casefilm & Event coverage

Client: IKEA Nederland
Partner: Newslab, B-wave
Work: Creative direction, production, film recording, edit, motion graphics, color grading, audio mix

What has an even larger print-run than the Bible? Indeed, the IKEA catalogue. At a time when print is slowly being replaced by online content it is hard to believe that their catalogue still is one of IKEA’s most important marketing tools. Therefore the new catalogue was to be introduced with verve. That year’s theme: ‘Living with children’.

Combining a recreation of the cover setting and a photo studio in one it’s possible for visitors to appear on the new catalogue’s cover. We closely followed the IKEA home’s build and we were responsible for video coverage of the event which kicked off in Utrecht city center.

To make sure we weren’t only reaching passers-by but also drawing people to the promotion, we created an online teaser. This teaser – which of course only revealed a sneak preview – helped us create awareness and traffic regarding the launch. IKEA spread the teaser internally, on social media and among Family members.