Infiniti Paris Autoshow

Big screen content

Client: DVP Asia Eventmarketing
Work: Design, 3D animation, motion graphics, video concept & edit, color grading, music production, sound design, on site production

Infiniti – Nissan’s luxury brand – presented itself at one of the largest and most important car shows in the world: The ‘Mondial de L’Automobile’ in Paris. It’s not easy for a relatively small player to stand out from over 50 other brands. Luckily we have a giant LED screen measuring over 34 meters (10K) at our disposal.


Impressive? Definitely! But without remarkable content you’re nowhere.


Infiniti presented 3 new models, with the Q80 inspiration being the main attraction. We took this concept car’s grill and used it as inspiration for the entire look and feel. Its lines served perfectly as a visual theme with which all the presentations and films began and ended.


Coming up with and creating the content was one thing but making on-the-spot final adjustments on a mega screen was our second challenge. Our neighbor Mercedes’ envious glances confirmed that the combination of our large screen and the screen content worked well together!


One day prior to opening to the public, all car brands present at the show give a press conference. In order to create attention value for our own presentation, we created this countdown.

Work: 3D animation, sound design


Even though there’s always a lot of fuss regarding a car show – with lots of beautiful women – in essence it is and remains a product presentation. Infiniti revealed their new Q80 Inspiration, which – thanks to their innovative design – provided the event with the theme ‘Pushing boundaries’. DVP Asia came up with the concept and script and together with Chimney they created the film. We produced the music and sound design. At that time it was not yet able to drive, therefore the car you see in the film is an animation. But the streets around Barcelona were actually filmed for the video.

Work: Music production, sound design


Using existing raw material from America we created this film for Infiniti’s new showpiece: the Q70 luxury Sedan.

Work: Video edit, motion graphics, color grading, music production, sound design


The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge has strong F1 influences in performance and design features. We edited this film from existing raw material and stock footage, of course with the event theme ‘Pushing Boundaries’ in mind.

Work: video edit, motion graphics, color grading, music production, sound design