NS Our story

Corporatefilm music

Client: Stetz
Partner: B-wave
Work: Music & sound production

A number of cold winters caused the NS to receive a lot of negative attention which – apart from making for dissatisfied customers – lead to a diminishing sense of pride among staff. Time for damage control.

Stetz was assigned to create a film that gives an overall view of NS’s daily achievements using facts and numbers. With this film the NS hoped to give over 10.000 staff members back their sense of pride regarding the company and their role in it.

The recurring theme in the film is a story about the NS’s day to day practices. Actor Jacob Derwig did the voice over and employees from different levels in the company share their own experiences. The film’s desired effect was to create a sense of community between the company and its employees. Music plays a key role. We wrote and produced tailor-made music for this 18 minute long film. Key words such as ‘subtle pride’, ‘urgency’ and ‘dynamism’ were at the basis of the briefing. The sound design and mixage of all the sound recordings finished it off/completed the film.

To start with, the film was intended for internal use, so that NS employees would know a little more about their colleagues’ activities. But as the film was such a success internally, the NS decided to make it available to the public.

In October 2012 our NS story won silver at the Cannes Corporate Media and TV awards. At this international festival for business films and media the NS story finished in front of over 120 competitors in the category internal communications – something we are very proud of!