up! Holland up!

Brand Activation

Client: Volkswagen Nederland
Partners: Achtung!, BINK, B-wave
Work: Production, film recording, on site edit, on site YouTube delivery, motion graphics, color grading, audiomix

Volkswagen, the olympic teams’ official supplier, supports athletes with the new Volkswagen up!. But of course true support comes from the audience. While looking for the best supporters, Volkswagen and Achtung! worked together to introduce the orange-motion up!, which is powered by cheering instead of by the accelerator. For two weeks hundreds of fans tried to qualify for a ticket to the Olympic Games on a 100 meter course throughout the country.
All cheering supporters in the up! received their own video to share online.

We made a total of 180 cheer videos which we edited and uploaded to Youtube on location – this allowed participants to share the videos right away.

We also produced an introduction video for the website, a how it works clip, a compilation video and an impression video shot at the Pon staff kickoff party.

Eurobest Nominee
Esprix Bronze
SAN Accent
Spinawards Nominee